Quick and Easy Vegan Cheddar Onion Biscuits

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Perfect Large Breakfast Sandwich Size Biscuits

These Quick and Easy Vegan Cheddar Onion Biscuits are so moist and delicious. They are such a wonderful combo of cheddar and fried onion that they pair together so well. They are great for toasting and heating up to make that ultimate morning sandwich or lunch and dinner biscuit. These biscuits go great with tofu scramble, roasted veggies, soup, chili, spaghetti and your favorite stew. This recipe makes 9 large biscuits or 12 small 2 inch biscuits.

Quick and Easy Vegan Cheddar Onion Biscuits. Photo by Spicy Saucy Vegan

A little Biscuit History

Well the earliest evidence of biscuits were baked on stones in the Neolithic era. Although, grain evidence was found, there is no telling exactly what kind of form the grain was in. At least we know how long grain and flour cooking has been around.

Most breads were baked twice to make a crisp biscuit calling them the French Latin derived word bis-que or the Latin words panis biscotus meaning bread twice cooked. This crunchy biscuit was more suitable for traveling by foot, carriage or boat and for war into battle. These crisp bread like biscuits kept longer then traditional breads. The Romans called these twice baked biscuits, rusk.

This is a photo of cooked hot vegan cheddar onion biscuits out of the oven on a baking sheet on parchment paper.
Quick and Easy Vegan Cheddar Onion Biscuits. Photo by Spicy Saucy Vegan

By the 14th century the term biscuit started to take on other culinary forms as savory and sweet. Taking on our traditional tasty pancakes, wafers and after dinner digestives. Something we still like to enjoy today.

After enslaving people to create sugar empires for the West Indies and America, sugar was no longer just for the rich. The price of sugar fell and became cheaper and introduced to adding it to more foods. Hence biscuits and cakes took on many more flavors and grew to be enjoyed and consumed by many.

Most derived honorable creations of the biscuits that formed in the South of the United States came with the migration of the Scottish and English. So we look today at this Vegan Cheddar Onion Biscuit and see it on a grander scale of how it arrived at this point. Still something so simple has come so far. I hope you like this modern vegan recipe I’ve made for you today.

What Onions To Use For Vegan Cheddar Onion Biscuits

There are many biscuits made with a variety of different onions. If you are looking for a milder taste of onion you may want to venture into trying the Walla Walla or Vidalia onions. These onion really lack a sharp astringent taste and really do have a sweet taste to them. If you do like a sweet onion taste then checkout my recipe Vegan Sweet Onion Dressing.

This is a photo of vegan cheddar onion biscuits on a plate and bakers cooking rack, with fresh yellow onions and cheddar cheese all around.
Quick and Easy Vegan Cheddar Onion Biscuits. Photo by Spicy Saucy Vegan

As for a more mild onion taste you may want to try green spring onions or shallots. Both are delicious and work well for this recipe.

As for me! I really like intense flavors and the French in me says this Yellow onion is the one for this recipe. I love how it pairs up with the intensity of the cheddar because when the yellow onion is fried up. It’s a perfect combination.

How To Make Quick and Easy Vegan Cheddar Onion Biscuits

First pre-heat your oven to 350 degree. Fry up your 1/2 of a large chopped yellow onion in an olive oil prepared hot skillet on medium heat. (I use American made Lodge Cast Iron Skillets) Cook until glassy and clear looking on medium to medium low heat. Do not burn!

Then make the flaxseed egg. This includes mixing 3 tablespoons of water and one tablespoon of ground flaxseed together. Set it aside for 5 minutes because it needs to congeal.

In the mean time while you are waiting for the flaxseed to congeal work on mixing together all the dry ingredients. Then add the butter. Make sure it is very cold butter. With a pastry cutter or two forks chop it into tiny pieces into the flour. Set aside.

This is a photo of a parchment lined baking sheet with nine vegan cheddar onion biscuits on it.
Quick and Easy Vegan Cheddar Onion Biscuits. Photo by Spicy Saucy Vegan

In a small bowl combine together the plant based milk, flaxseed egg and olive oil. Add to the large bowl of flour mixture and butter. Add the fried onion and vegan cheddar cheese. Combine everything to create a large ball of dough but don’t over mix.

Roll out the dough and cut your biscuits. Use a 3 1/2 ” round cookie cutter for large biscuits or if you want small biscuits use a 2″ round cookie cutter. Then bake your biscuits on a parchment lined sheet pan for 25 minutes for small biscuits and 26 to 27 for large 3 1/2″ biscuits.

This is a photo of a blue plate full of three large vegan cheddar onion biscuits.
Quick and Easy Vegan Cheddar Onion Biscuits. Photo by Spicy Saucy Vegan

Storing Your Biscuits

You can serve these hot out of the oven or set on a bakers cooling rack. Put in a plastic container or plastic bag. Make sure they are completely cooled because you don’t want them to sweat in the bag or container. The biscuits will last 1 week in the refrigerator and 3 months in the freezer.

I hope you like these Quick and Easy Vegan Cheddar Onion Biscuits as much as we do. Enjoy!

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This is a photo of a plate of large vegan cheddar onion biscuits.

Quick and Easy Vegan Cheddar Onion Biscuits

  • Author: Spicy Saucy Vegan
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 26 minutes
  • Total Time: 41 minutes
  • Yield: 9 large biscuits 1x
  • Category: Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner
  • Method: Stove Top/Bake
  • Cuisine: English/Scottish/Irish
  • Diet: Vegan


These Quick and Easy Vegan Cheddar Onion Biscuits are so moist and delicious. They are the perfect breakfast sandwich size. Serve these up hot, toasted or cold with breakfast, lunch or dinner. Goes great with chili, spaghetti, soup and your favorite stew. Recipe makes 9 large baked biscuits or 12 small 2″ biscuits. Enjoy!


Units Scale

Vegan Cheddar Onion Biscuits

  • 1 Tbsp ground Flaxseed
  • 3 Tbsp Water
  • 2 cups All-Purpose Flour
  • 1 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1 tsp Sea Salt
  • 1/4 cup Vegan Butter, cold
  • 1/2 cup Plant Based Milk ( I used almond milk)
  • 4 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil
  • 1/2 Lg Yellow Onion, chopped
  • 1 1/2 cups Vegan Cheddar Cheese


Vegan Cheddar Onion Biscuits

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. In a small bowl mix the flaxseed egg with 1 Tbsp ground flaxseed and 3 Tbsp of water and mix together. Set aside to congeal for at least 5 minutes.
  3. In a small skillet ( I use American made Lodge Cast Iron Skillets) fry the chopped yellow onion. Cook until glassy and not burned.
  4. In a large bowl mix the flour, sea salt and baking powder. Add the cold butter and mix it in with pastry cutter into the flour mixture. Set aside. 
  5. In a small bowl mix the plant based milk, flaxseed egg and oil. Add this wet mixture to the bowl of flour mixture. 
  6. Add the fried onion and vegan cheddar cheese to the mixture. Mix everything together to form a dough. Do not over mix. 
  7. Spread out the dough onto a floured surface and pat it down to an inch thick. Using a 3 1/2 inch round cookie cutter, cut the dough into 9 biscuits. 
  8. Bake on a lined parchment paper baking sheet pan for 26 to 27 minutes. If you are making smaller 2 inch biscuits you will need to cook them up to 25 minutes only. 
  9. Enjoy!


  • Store in a air tight container or a plastic bag zip-lock bag. ( I like zip-lock bags)
  • Store in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.
  • Store in the freezer for up to 3 months. 

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