Hi, I’m Melissa!

First of all Welcome, from the great North West of Washington State! I’m an enthusiastic creative vegan cook, fine arts artist and author. Being that I am a very creative person I’d like to share with you my journey and passion as a vegan cook. This new expression has given me such a new outlook of the potential of the longevity we can have on life just by what we eat. Since I’ve delved into this new ideal of a way of life my body has had the chance to heal and transform into a better healthier me with tons of energy.

Yes! It has not always been easy. I’ve bounced back and forth as a flexitarian, but I’ve really made the leap forward into a plant based diet and loving the challenge. Looking back at other diet trends and counting calories is no longer a brain storm. The guilt of crossing the boundaries on too much of a good yummy thing no longer exist. Those days are over, and now I incorporate the love of nutritional balance in my meals with flavor, spice and the art felt expression of cooking. 

My Mission

I clearly try to allow people to make their own choices in food. Each to their own, but my ideal future of growing old and having good health made me want to make some changes. My cooking slowly started to morph away from meat dishes. This allowed me to introduce vegan meals as side dishes to traditional main course meat dishes. Gradually, it became the main course for me.

Although I love nutritional information for a vegan life style and try to blend it into my cooking, it had it’s rocky road. At first the nutritional learning curve was daunting and difficult to commit. Plus, the meal prepping had to be planned out in advance. It’s was a lot of work!

You have to change your expectations of your taste buds experiencing a different palate code. It might be hard to captivate your interest in this adventure because it’s hard to recreate the succulent robust tastes of fats that we’re use to. It’s out there to find and incorporate into your vegan meals. Thats why I’m focusing on spices and sauces to help give your plant based journey an extra zip. Once you find out how to make your food taste good, you’ll be on your way to a healthier, happier you. You’ll be looking for your next new arsenal of savory, spicy or sweet combos. The quest for new vegan ideas in flavor will drive you deeper into your new cooking adventure. You’ll be creating healthier meals and snacks and enjoying them. Eventually you will find yourself not even craving unhealthy foods anymore. This is the turning point that you are creating a new taste palate. 

At first you might fall off the veggie wagon. That’s ok! Just pick up where you left off and start over. Nobody is judging you. I say, “Knowledge is key!” Your body is craving nutrients. I believe nature has all we need to be healthy and whole. It’s all there, we just have to find it. Our choices in the foods we consume hold the consequences to our health for tomorrow. Let’s experiment with the bountiful tasty palate of plant life that nature has to give us and create better health and less harm to animals

Future Vision

My hope for our future is that we can embrace a tasty palate to plant based cooking without having to resort to meat based meals. We can make plant based foods tasty and packed with protein and nutrition. We can find health and wellness in a simple diet. My desire is for you to find how complete and fulfilling a plant based vegan diet can be and that we all have it in us to give it a try. To love nature and ourselves.


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